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Passive Income – How To

Several paths to take right now, that will create a snowball in the near future..

Passive income #1:

Invest with fin-tech iOS/Android apps

Investing is a great way to make a portion of your resources grow, turning that investment into its own passive income. Some fin-tech apps like Acorns allow you to invest small amounts of money into exchange-traded funds (ETF’s). When you open the Acorns app, you will earn money through dividends, found-money, and the natural fluctuation of the market. When you invite a friend to join, you will receive $5 invested into your account, and your friend will receive $5 invested to create their account. Then, invest as much or as little as you want. Check my Instagram to see how well my Acorns account has done over many months. Remember, investing isn’t get rich quick, but the longer you invest, the more dividends and growth you will see.

Other fin-tech apps: Stash (Stocks, ETF, bonds: iOS/Android), Binance (Cryptocurrency: iOS/Android)

(Acorns is only available in the U.S. & Australia)

Passive income #2:

Side gigs

Getting a side gig will help you earn more money, which you can put into your other passive income designs. Making an extra few hundred dollars on the weekend or when you’re sitting around on the couch can help snowball your passive income routes. Driving for UberEats is a great way to earn a bunch of extra cash by driving around and dropping food off for people, no hassle. Get paid to drive around, in the middle of an errand or during a slow boring weekend, and get huge tips. Plus, you’re working on a project that is a technological advancement for society, and will only get better in time.

(UberEats is available like everywhere)

Passive Income #3:

Create a Website

With your own website, you can attract traffic towards products and services that you strongly believe in. You can go up top of the website, and create your own WordPress, or any other website to get your own personal blog, business, or whatever you want to create. Post regularly, keep your followers entertained and feel connected, link to your products and services and find companies to market, and they will find you. Make yours today, follow me for more posts and collaboration.

Remember, a website gets stronger over time

Passive Income #4:

Invest in Yourself

In order for passive income to work, you have to have a positive belief, a core belief that failure might be initial. I do not view this as failure, it is a way to grow and to discover the proper path to be on. Why be afraid to fail? Usually the fear leads people to quit, or to give up on their dreams and goals.

Creating your own value takes time, it could be weeks or months before you start to see some growth and success on your value you give. People will be negative, they will doubt you, they will give up on you because they have given up on their own goals. Focus on your goals, focus on you, create the life that you want.

Passive Income #5:

Write a book

Write a book. Write about something that you have experienced, something you feel passionate about. It will bring like minded people into your life, and not only generate income, but will provide valuable information to individuals who will view you in a new light. Maybe write sequels and other genre of books while you’re at it.

Build the life you deserve, not the one everyone says you must live


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  1. I would also argue having dividend stocks in your portfolio also helps. I have a side gig, but it’s my own company. The side gig has to generate enough income to be with it. And I’d say that ubereats isn’t passive income

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