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Finding your purpose in life

Find the purpose of your life

The one question that everyone is asking, and no one knows the answer to. How do you find your purpose? Living, without treading the path you were destined to follow, is a life that most people want not to become their reality, yet becomes ingrained into their daily routines and existence. How do you discover this path?

– Your purpose and passion, may possibly change several times throughout your life –

Everyone has a purpose, but until they discover their purpose, life can seem like it is on repeat. Nothing seems to change, the days blur together from focusing on too many things at once, or nothing at all. Without making decisions, any decision, something to reach the next level, you can’t possibly discover the answer you’ve always asked yourself. Make the decision to try something you always wanted to do, or something you gave up on.

Finding the beginning
As a good, old friend once told me; “If you want to be good at something, you must learn to become a beginner first”. Many people, myself included, will jump into a task or an objective with the immediate sureness of “I know what I’m doing”. Before you make a decision to start on a new path; if you desire to explore a new path or career to hopefully stumble upon the creation of your purpose, and before you become a beginner, you have to get over fear. Get over the fear of doing something new, following a path that may feel like it will end in failure; but if you stay in the initial, immense but ultimately temporary torment of fear, you will never push your life towards the path you desire.

Once you enter onto the new path, and you don’t feel like it is working to the best of your own ability, simply make new courses in your action; most will just simply give up after several months of difficulty. Don’t give up, believe in the power of attraction, focus on what you want and not on what you wish you had, but is simply right in front of you if you keep pushing forward.

“Perfection is the enemy, of progress”

– Winston Churchill


10 thoughts on “Finding your purpose in life”

  1. I had planned to do a post on this same topic this evening. I’m still going to say a few words of my own, but can I link to this post for further reading? It just sums up so much of what I wanted to say so well.

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  2. I enjoyed your post.

    I once wrote this:

    The beginning of life
    Is not at first cry

    But when the soul
    Begins to know why

    And moves in faith
    That the purpose

    And mission
    Are beyond the present

    In a future unseen
    And a destiny.

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