Purpose, Value

How to bring value; blogging, relationships, and purpose.

“There was a time when I suggested to myself that I give up on my mission. It seemed as if the time I spent working towards my goal of helping others had been completely put to waste, but the time would have gone by anyways. That is what I and many others need to remind themselves, to use wisely the time we have available to work towards something we believe in deeply, something that many before us may have attempted, only to have “failed” according to them, when in actuality they just simply quit too early or didn’t have a deep passion for it in the first place. It must be a burning desire of yours, or you will quit each and every time.”

Do you struggle with finding the enthusiasm or encouragement to keep up with your goals and passions? Do you procrastinate about pursuing what you know you need to accomplish to better yourself or others? Do you find yourself giving up on a purpose you believed was a major part of your life?

You aren’t the first and probably won’t be the last, but of course focusing on getting back on track is easier said than done.

When you discover something you have a powerful passion to create a high quality of, to share with the world, you will still find moments of procrastinating and giving up. Other people in your life will attempt to hold you back from moving forward, by not supporting you in your new endeavors, or worse, constantly pressuring you into giving up and coming back to “reality”. You already know to not give up on your mission or cause, to continue bringing to the world what it is that you have a strong desire to build upon and make a great difference in the lives of other people.

You know that the longer you keep up at creating high quality products, information, and content, that your work will continue to find more and more people who are in need of the services and value you provide. Those who attempt to dissuade you from accomplishing your life works, have often times already given up entirely on themselves.

Blogging, Relationships, and Purpose

Some important tasks you should do in order to keep creating and bringing value to your audience, is to:

  • Be consistent, bring similar or greater value of work, each and every time. Be consistent with how often to bother your viewers with posts through your email list and those who stumble upon your site, and providing similar consistent work, so your audience knows you’re predictable in bringing similar content that they’re looking for, or that they one day discover as beneficial to their life.
  • Take examples from others through networking. Discover what has worked and what has failed from others, as well as what has done great for you in the past. You want to be the person who provides the best quality in whatever area you’re working in.
  • Don’t worry about perfection though. It is a journey, and you’re there to enjoy others experiences of success through the information and services you provide. It is all about what you can bring to them, and how you can help to improve their current situation.
  • Take incremental steps, oftentimes you will feel like giving up. You must have a deep desire to continue providing whatever it is you have a deep passion for, and that may mean not having time, but in forcing yourself to make arrangements early in the morning or late in the evening, and building up your passions steadily across time. Friday’s, Saturday’s, and Sunday’s are perfect for providing a little quality time on your mission and creation.

This not only goes for blogs, but relationships and your fluctuating passions and life’s purpose as well. Everything you consider to be of inherent importance in your life requires some slight amount of consistent dedication to and growth/value of what you bring to your audience, and require your full dedication and honest intentions to get through the moments when you feel like throwing in the towel.

Photos: via me, use them to your liking.


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