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Importance of purpose, mindset, and outcomes

Finding that one purpose, that few uncover, and many yearn for their entire lives to be revealed, can produce a far greater life than one may be able to fathom. So many will treat your progress with negativity, they will reject you or make attempts at dis-empowering your success, because they do not understand it, they go about their lives in unfulfilled solitude, wasting away the few moments they are allotted in this valuable and priceless life.


When I went onto this journey, a journey not of self-discovery, but of finally having found myself, I wanted to share it with the world. There are few moments in your life where you, if you are lucky, are present at the time this discovery transpires. Because of said discovery, I decided that if I was to follow this path, to see where it leads, that I would become the reason that others don’t give up.  When you find this purpose, you finally find something worth focusing on; and beyond this, you find something that pulls you in the direction of everything you want out of this life.


There is power behind focusing on what you want and ultimately know you will have, versus focusing on what you don’t have and therefore what you lack; it is a positive vs. negative vibe, energy. When you begin to do the same, something most people do not do, most people focus on what they don’t have, rather than being grateful that where they are is where they belong, until those things we desire eventually, and they do, arrive.


When you put out wishes into the world, not only spiritually, but actually spreading the wish you have to others, all of these wishes are answered. Some answers will return as a no, time and time again, but some will make their way back to you, in the form of what you desire. Take the wins you acquire, forget the losses, don’t focus on the negative in this world and what you receive from it, in the end it doesn’t matter.


Having a strong purpose is great for many other reasons:

  • Helps bring you onto the path towards your future, and keeps you in a positive state, even in difficult times.
  • Perform better when it comes to work, exercise, entrepreneurial endeavors, etc.
  • When running into hard times, the challenges you encounter will help build you up, rather than weaken you, like challenges so often do for many people.
  • Happiness, enthusiasm, and confidence become more powerful within you, and others can perceive it.
  • You can focus more on other goals and passions you have, as well as relying on yourself and your image (physical, spiritual, psychological).




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