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Experiencing life’s difficulties, meanings, and rare relationships.

There will be days where you feel like giving up everything, but you won’t.


When you experience difficulties in life, setbacks, or just feelings of doubt in yourself and what you believe you are capable of, sets off an enormous set of powerfully negative emotions. You are induced with stress, anxiety, discomfort, and if it comes to a project or creation you are working on, whether that be for your career, business, or your personal life, and if you don’t have a strong reason to keep with that mission to be a fulfilling addition to your life, you will simply give up on it. As happened for me and many others, inĀ Discovering your Life Purpose, often requires pain, you will find that a powerful driven purpose, passion, or project will enter your life after terrible events, as if your mind and surroundings and the universe has led to this intersection between your life, and what you would love to do with your life.


Your purpose that you discover, especially if you are in a state where you almost believe you have no purpose (depression, anxiousness, feeling like getting out of bed is a waste of energy, anger, etc.) can arise from a traumatic experience or intense pain. It is possible as well that experiencing one of your purposes in life has a similar feeling to when you first meet a rare and important partner, someone who fits perfectly in your life, who you can fall in love with quickly and never tire from. This happens when you least expect it, it hits you like a semi-truck and shakes up the mundane world you were used to.


The difference here is, you actually need purpose to fill your life and to make it all worth the while, otherwise you will simply hate it and continue on with your existence, with no deep energy within you to have powerfully amazing careers, relationships, businesses, journeys and adventures, something that feels so right, that if you did not have it in your life then you would have no idea what to do with yourself. These rare and infrequent type relationships and partners, aren’t necessary for your life to be complete though. It may feel amazing for a while, but without a powerful purpose to hold you up, eventually down the line in the relationship you will realize that your life still seems to have no exuberance or vigor to it, and instead of loving that other person, you will begin to idolize them, because it can feel as if they are the strength and purpose for your life. But this is not true, when you have that powerful purpose within your life, it overpowers any feelings of doubt or stress, feelings of a meaningless life existence; and transforms not only your life and what you are working towards, finally having the most staggering goals to focus on, and allows those unique and incredible relationships to develop and for each person to grow together, rather than apart like so many relationships unfortunately turn into nowadays. If you don’t know your life purpose yet, or you haven’t an understanding of how to reach that point, readĀ Finding your purpose in life.


Just remember you are right where you need to be, keep climbing.




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